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This is a list of the books in our CATALOGUE. The web page for each text gives a short description of the book and  links to its Preface and Table of Contents, as well as information on purchasing or downloading the book.
  •   Real Analysis (2nd Edition),   A. M. Bruckner,  J. B. Bruckner, and B. S. Thomson,  (2008)  ISBN-13: 978-1434844125,  ISBN-10: 1434844129
  •   Elementary Real Analysis (2nd Edition),   B. S. Thomson, A. M. Bruckner,  and J. B. Bruckner (2008)  ISBN-13: 978-1434843678,  ISBN-10: 143484367X
  •   Mathematical Discovery,   A. M. Bruckner, B. S. Thomson, and J. B. Bruckner (2011) ISBN-13: 978-1463730574,  ISBN-10: 1463730578
  •   The Calculus Integral,   B. S. Thomson, (2010) ISBN-13: 978-1442180956,   ISBN-10: 1442180951
  •   Theory of the Integral,    B. S. Thomson, (2012)  ISBN-13: 978-1467998161,   ISBN-10: 1467998168


Our sister site has further details about our books and information about other resources for the study of real analysis.